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who dare scarcely stand up to a public official on
their own ground. This little army, this " scienti-
fic world " of to-day, numbering I suppose from
head to tail, down to the last bottle-washer, not
a "couple of hundred thousand men, will certainly
be represented in the new world order by a force
of millions, better equipped, amply co-ordinated,
free to question, able to demand opportunity.
Its best will be no better than our best, who
could not be better, but they will be far more
numerous, and its rank and file, explorers,
prospectors, experimental team workers and an
encyclopaedic host of classifiers and co-ordinators
and interpreters, will have a vigour, a pride
and confidence that will make the laboratories
of to-day seem half-way back to the alchemists
Can orie doubt that the " scientific world "
will break out in this way when the revolution
is achieved, and that the development of man's
power over nature and over his own nature and
over this still unexplored planet, will undergo
a continual acceleration as the years pass ? No
man can guess beforehand what doors will open
then nor upon what wonderlands.
These are some fragmentary intimations of the
quality of that wider life a new world order can
open to mankind. I will not speculate ftirther